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  • jessica Troke
    July 8, 2015

    Hey Callie!
    My name is Jessica Troke and Pam and mark stevens are my husbands aunt and uncle. I believe your mother in laws friend. Anyway, Pam was giving me some contacts in Detroit area bc we are moving in or near warren area with my husbands new Menards store opening in warren.
    I love cooking vegan, vegatarian, paleo, gluten free, organic or all of the above and love making things from scratch and Pam had mentioned your blog. She said I should start blogging but three things I have no clue how to start, I’m a horrible speller and was never an A+ English student and moving with two kids may keep me busy for a while. Plus eventually I’d like to go back to art school to finish my BA in interior design.
    Ok so our move date is August 1-3 and if we end up close to you guys maybe we can chat, play date with the kiddos or swap recipes:) love your blog btw! My cell is 708-856-6076 and she gave me your address. I hope this isn’t weird or creepy! Lol I’m not an extremely out going person but when we moved from Ohio to Chicago I didn’t make any friends for the first 3 years living here. Mainly bc most people spoke Polish or some other language.
    Wow I’m rambling! This is creepy now! I’m just so excited about moving to Detroit! It’s not all bad like everyone says and this past April my husband and I visited downtown and loved it! Its so different from Chicago (pros and cons) but we loved it!
    We can’t wait to call Detroit out home and hope to make new friends! Talk to you later!

    • Callie
      April 14, 2016

      Hi Jessica,

      Sorry for never responding. No excuses. Im a butthead. Hope you are settled in ok. Did you ever start blogging? Would love to meet up for a cup of coffee sometime.


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