Half my life

Seventeen years ago, over aol instant messenger, RPSTigers asked CallieLC19 to the prom.

A true romance in the making.

In high school, Ryan was voted “most school spirit.” Certainly not a surprise to those who know him. He’s been my number one fan and biggest supporter from the start. He and his buddies would come to my lacrosse games, driving laps around the field in their car, hanging out the windows with signs, while hollering and honking. They’d take over the field and do a homemade halftime show that was equal parts stupid and hilarious. My coach hated it. I thought it was sweet.

It didn’t take long for him to move from prom date to boyfriend. He was fun, kind, smart and treated me better than any boy I’d ever met.

17 years ago, at the itty bitty age of 17, I fell in love with Ryan.

I usually like to stay pretty private about our marriage. Relationships are a beautifully intimate thing and I don’t think everyone needs to be invited in. I’m not one to do big internet proclamations of love. But every day from here on out, I will have spent more of my life with Ryan by my side than I spent without him. And since he’s still my favorite person on the planet, I think this special anniversary deserves commemoration.

So here’s to us Ryan Baby. Here’s to high school romance. Here’s to aol instant messenger. Here’s to Mrs. Sokoloff’s Spanish 4 where you’d let me copy your homework. Here’s to first dates at Rollerama. Here’s to Yahtzee all over the world.

Cheers to us. I love us.

With love from Detroit,


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