Sloane Luise

I hadn’t even started this post before the happy tears began to well in my eyes.

I have a daughter. A sweet, smiley, lovely little girl who brings me insane levels of joy. She is perfect in every way and I cannot imagine a time when I would think otherwise.  Ryan, the boys and I are all wildly in love with Sloane Luise.

The name took us a long time to settle on but Sloane Luise fits her just right. Sloane, a good Irish name Ryan and I could both agree on, came to us a week before she was born. Luise is my middle name and the name of my great grandmother. We call her Sloanie Lue or Sloanie Bologna. Both fit.

Sloane Luise was born at home on August 16th. Hers was what I’d like to call a labor of love because it sounds so much nicer than calling it excruciating. There are rumors that the more kids you have, the easier your labors will be. THAT’S A G.D. LIE!!! So, like I said, it was a two day labor of love.

Little lady is a whopping 7.5 months old now. She is rocking on all fours, eating solid foods, babbling, waving hello, giggling, playing and sitting up.

Easily, the greatest thing she has learned to do is to use her voice. This is a recent development. She is almost always a mild mannered little one, but lately, if a brother takes a toy or food from her, Sloane will scream until said brother gives her what she wants. I don’t know why I love this so much. Maybe it’s that she is speaking up for herslef and her brothers are respecting her and listening. All I know is the exchange makes me smile.

Man does she love each of those brothers. Jack behaves like a third parent in the way he cares for her. Hudson is playful and sweet. Ben protects her and is already her best buddy. She lights up when any of them walk into a room. They are all so lucky to have one another.

Sloane is our last child. Four is a hard number. Not insane, but hard. And I really don’t think I could handle another “labor of love.” Or even another pregnancy leading up to it. I have my family and I know with absolute certainty it is complete.

Knowing that I will never again have this newborn experience has made each moment that much more precious. The late night feedings of the first few weeks felt almost romantic, knowing that they would never happen again. Almost!

She’s spoiled and I’m not sorry about it.  She still falls asleep in my arms, is held most of the time and still gets late night feedings whenever she wants them. It’s like a farewell tour to having babies.

Sloane is at that delicious age where I am her favorite thing on the planet. She loves and needs me more than anyone else. I know from experience ,that kind of devotion holds a shelf life. So, I plan to soak in every last drop of it, because, right now, she’s my favorite thing on the planet too.

With love from Detroit,


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