Naturally Empowered

Meet Stephanie Popso, proprietor of all things Naturally Empowered.

Steph is a wellness coach. Better yet, she is OUR wellness coach. Over the years she has helped Ryan and me with diet and nutrition goals when we have veered so very far off course. She is passionate, approachable, knowledgable, warm and kind. I could go on. I really think she is as wonderful as they come.

Do you need a reset? Ha. That’s a silly question. Of course you do!

Who wouldn’t benefit from an hour of self care under the guidance of a professional? But you know what’s even better than an hour!!!??? A six day retreat in the Dominican Republic.

Holy cow, do I wish the dates lined up for me to go! But if I cannot go, Im going to insist you go in my place. In fact, I want you to go so so so bad, that I have partnered with Steph to give you a very special With Love From Detroit discount.

Use code EmpowerWLFD for a $100 discount on what is sure to be a life changing trip.

You NEEEEED to do this. Then you NEEEEED to tell me every last glorious detail of how wonderful it was!

With love from Detroit,


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