Locker Room with Swiss Cottage Designs Wallpaper

When designing our dream kitchen, we had to decide what to do with the small room off the back of the house. When we first moved in, the room was being used as a breakfast nook. We tried that out but it wasn’t for us. So we used it as a collect all. A coat room, shoe room, mail room, bag room and a drop off of all and any things room. Ryan called it our “broken window theory.” The idea that if one window is left broken in a neighborhood, the deterioration of the rest of the neighborhood is inevitable. We left that room a mess and all of a sudden, the rest of our house was destroyed.

Ryan had a vision. His dream was a locker room. Like a professional locker room with built in benches and wooden doors to hide all the chaos that our family of five creates. GENIUS!!!

Once we decided on a purpose for the space, it was time for my favorite part, DESIGN! Tile, cabinets, light, pillows and rug were easy. The hard part was that I wanted wallpaper. I spent hours looking and nothing was right. Until I saw a friend’s instagram post of her son at the Cranbrook Art Museum, coloring on Alexander Girard wallpaper.

That’s what I wanted! But why couldn’t the buildings be Detroit? I was so excited about the idea and knew immediately the only person who could make it a reality. My friend, Courtney, the proprietor of Swiss Cottage Designs and the woman who turned my skin into the dewy goodness you see today. Clearly, she is a woman of many talents.

Man oh man did she deliver. As a family, we chose ten Detroit buildings that hold meaning for us.

  1. Renaissance Center:  Jack’s choice
  2. Michigan Central Station: Hudson’s choice
  3. Dequindre Cut: a place we spend a lot of time running and riding bikes
  4. The Skillman Library: Ryan’s choice
  5. The Guardian Building: My choice
  6. Eastern Market: A favorite place for all of us
  7. Detroit Waldorf School: A magical place where all of my children have attended PreK.
  8. The Scott Fountain: This one represents Belle Isle as a whole. How can you not love Belle Isle?
  9. St. Joseph Oratory: The church is our landmark of coming home from the highway
  10. Our Home: Hands down, our favorite place in the city of Detroit/the entire world!!!

Once the design was complete, we worked with Detroit Wallpaper to print and install.  I love Detroit Wallpaper. They have always been good to me and this time was no exception. They were super helpful when it came to choosing the right size for each building and measuring the space. Thanks fellas!

The end results are magic. Every time I walk out the door and every time I come home, I am surrounded by meaningful and personal art. To quote Ryan Sullivan “I think this wallpaper might be my favorite thing in our whole house.” Well said babe.

With love from Detroit,



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  • Linda
    February 9, 2018

    Absolutely perfection! When you put in those meaningful touches. Life’s special moments in your decor. We have some here and there as well. Can’t wait to see all of your new decor!

    • Callie
      February 9, 2018

      Your home has always been an inspiration to me! Thanks Linda!

  • Grandpa Tim
    February 9, 2018

    What a spectacular change. You deserve to be proud of this one.

    To Ben it will look like a giant coloring book. Hide the crayons!

    • Callie
      February 9, 2018

      Thanks Dad!

  • Suzanne Nhye
    February 10, 2018

    Looking Great, Callie. Miss you and the boys!

    • Callie
      February 10, 2018

      Thank you 😊 miss you too Sue!

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