What do I want this to be?

Five years ago I started a blog. It started strong with an average of 3 posts a week, but eventually parenthood took over and once a week felt like plenty. Then a life event punched me in the throat and I totally lost my voice. I tried to hold on for a while, posting once a month, then once every three months. But in the end, I just let go. A year later, I am ready to write again.

So now the thing holding me back is “what do I want this to be?” Not kidding, that was the actual title of one of my journal entries. And yes, I title my journal entries. So while I figure this out, you may be subject to the random ramblings of my mind, soap box tangents about obscure and sometimes meaningful things and, of course, all the things my kids do that I believe should be shared.

My ground rules are this,

  1. Don’t write anything about the boys that might embarrass them when they are twelve. (may have to rethink that, since everything is embarrassing to everyone at that age…. maybe 19.)
  2. Booze and blogging do not mix. I once wrote a post after two glasses of wine. IT. WAS. AWFUL.
  3. Be honest. Show the good. Show the messy.

These were bullet points in that same journal entry.

So here are a few topics I’ve been journaling about lately, in no particular order:

  • Our search for schools in Detroit proper
  • Who in their right minds plans on having four kids
  • Constantly comparing myself, why can’t I stop????
  • What qualities I value in my friends, and man oh man do I have some wonderful friends
  • How I’m able to curate what I share on social media and how thats oh so different from reality
  • Detroit 2011 (our first year here) compared to Detroit today
  • My childhood v. my kids childhood
  • Three boys, one bedroom
  • Kitchen remodel, before and afters

Do any of these sound like the blog post you’ve been waiting your entire life to read? Maybe you have questions about our life as a family of five, living in Detroit? Ask. You just may inspire my next post.

With love from Detroit,


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  • kyle
    October 24, 2017

    we want to hear all of the options! plus beauty tips (im serious) and hair tips and tales of you running. everything!!!!!! and travel posts. those are the things we want to read.

    • Callie
      October 24, 2017

      This is my beauty tip Kyle, good lighting, good filters xoxo

    • Callie
      October 24, 2017

      but seriously, I have a major beauty post coming soon. It isn’t mine. It’s my friend Courtney’s. Her skin is absolute dewey perfection. She sent me an email with a detailed description of how she gets that sexy sexy glow. I’ve been on her regimen for over a month and I feel like a new woman.

  • Colleen Schaffer
    October 25, 2017

    I seriously read through all your bullets of topics like 7 times and tried to think about what I would like to read and I couldn’t pick one… I want to hear about all of them! I love your blog and reading about you and your family and am so happy you are finding your way back. Can’t wait to see what With Love has in store!

    • Callie
      October 26, 2017

      Oh Col, your continued support means so much to me xoxo

  • Ashley
    October 25, 2017

    All of the above! Just bring it all on!

    • Callie
      October 26, 2017

      You got it!

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