Spring in Detroit

Spring in Detroit

Spring in Detroit! Is there any place more wonderful than Detroit in the spring? Nope. Detroit for the win.

Spring in Detroit means the city comes out of a deep hibernation. We all gather together at Belle Isle or the Riverfront. We nod at one another or even strike up a conversation, usually having to do with how delightful it is to see spring in Detroit.

In the spring, all Detroiters are optimists. Everyone’s sporting their summer gear a bit too soon, layering heavy coats over linen and light cotton or wearing sandals with pants and a puffy coat.

We attend Tiger’s games, soccer games, Monday night Slow Rolls, Tuesdays at Eastern Market, meet for drinks on patios and take the boys to the “beach” at Campus Martius. We host backyard barbecues, take long strolls and let our kids stay up past bed time.

Yes. Spring in Detroit is just lovely.

With love from Detroit,


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