3.13 Happy Detroit Day City Lovers


Happy Detroit Day to my fellow city lovers. We all have our own Detroit story and our own reason for feeling deeply connected to the 313. Each of our stories are a unique and valuable part of this great city.

What does my Detroit romance novel look like? Why do I love this city like I do. Well, let’s go back… way back.

I grew up around sameness. Different was noticed and in my town, I was different. I love that Detroit is a city that celebrates differences. A city of creators, artists, innovators. A city full of many colors, backgrounds and sense of being. I love that my children will not stop to look twice and stare at someone who does not look like them. Thanks to Detroit, different will be their normal.

Another reason I love this city? I love that Detroit is a community that supports you through thick and thin. Small business owners welcome other small businesses as it means overall growth for the city. A city that supports your endeavors, hardships and your successes. In this little, big city everyone is your neighbor.

Finally, I am in love with this city because it is ALIVE! Feel like going out on Wednesday night? There is guaranteed to be something going on. A gallery opening, speaker series, live music, parties, performances, a fundraiser. (Of course, with young kids, we don’t always get to participate. But it’s nice to know that option is there.)

While I was writing this piece, my dear friend Heidi joined me for coffee. When I asked her to help brainstorm ideas for this post, she added two pieces from her Detroit love story. Heidi loves the pride displayed by Detroiters and the rich culture within city limits.

The pride she witnesses on her runs. No matter what neighborhood she’s in, she sees people taking great joy in their part of the city. Theirs may be the only occupied house on the block, but they have lovely gardens, fresh paint and/or carefully displayed holiday decorations.

As for the rich culture, Heidi is not just talking about the impressive theaters and museums. She also talks about sports. I hadn’t thought about that. Sure she was talking about the Lions, Tigers and Wings. But she was also talking about the Detroit City FC and the neighborhood futbol teams. When in the city, you are bombarded by the opportunity for cultural experiences. Thanks Heidi!

When faced with our own hardships, we were asked “when are you going to leave Detroit?” Our answer? No time soon. Home is where the heart is and my darling Detroit has my heart for the foreseeable future.

What makes this city special for you? What’s in your Detroit love story?

With LOVE from Detroit,


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    March 15, 2015

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