My sweet baby boy is sick… always.

While my friends are out and about with their little ones, enjoying these beautifully sunny days, I am inside taking sick-selfies with my sweet baby Hudson. That’s right. Sick-selfies. (Is this already a thing, or do I get to claim the rights to this? Seriously. I have a phone full of ’em.)


Right around his first birthday we learned that Hudson has asthma. Unfortunately, the only way to learn this is to watch your child struggle to breath. Then after many episodes, many doctors visits, many treatments and maybe an emergency trip to the hospital, he will be diagnosed as asthmatic.

IMG_5786 IMG_5785It was hard.

So now he is on a controller that he takes twice a day. For the most part it seems to work. But this week, an attack snuck up on us and it was a doozy. These things can last as long as five days and we are only on day three. So we do a nebulizer treatment every four hours and wait…

Yesterday, asthma be damned, we ventured to the riverfront playground. We all needed some vitamin D and fresh air. But sweet little Hudson wasn’t having it. He just stood there, looking miserable and half awake.

I never want his asthma to hold him back but it already has. He wasn’t able to play with the other kids on the playground. In the winter, we cannot take him out on cold, cold days. This last week, he has missed two days of school. It has already affected him and he is only 19 months old.

I am hoping this summer will be attack free. We can wean him from his treatments as soon as the season changes. Come Fall, I will take him to a specialist to get more answers. In the meantime, I’m gonna snuggle my sweet sick little Huddy Buddy and wait this one out. Maybe snap a few more sick-selfies too.

With love from Detroit,


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  • Patricia Robertson
    March 13, 2015

    My nephew had asthma as a toddler. I remember visiting him in the hospital. He was enclosed in a breathing tent. Really scary, but we pretended it was something out of star wars. He’s now forty and a swim coach. Hope Hudson’s better soon!

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