Happy, Merry Everything

IMG_7895Christmas is just the coolest now that we live in a house with a four year old. And I have a sneaking suspicion that in only gets better from here. At least until about eight. At which point, I’m guessing, the doubting might start.

Santa may have gone a little wild this year. Mrs. Claus finished shopping for the boys a while ago, but Santa thought it wasn’t enough and went out shopping on his own the Friday before Christmas. (Mrs. Claus doesn’t want to hear Santa say she spoils the boys ever again.)

Jack asked for a bow and arrow and wouldn’t you know it, Santa brought him one (rubber tips of course).

Hudson? He didn’t ask for anything. I like to think it’s because he is modest and not because his only words are “Ma-ma” “Da-da” “more” and “Lola”. Santa improvised and brought an indoor trampoline. This is more a gift to Mommy. Should this winter finally take a turn, I am going to need ways of burning tiny toddler/child energy. Thank you Santa Claus.

S0, back to it being the coolest. Jack ran into our room with the sweetest and happiest little voice saying “Santa has come this day! It is time to wake up Mommy and Daddy! Santa has come this day!” We are human so upon waking up there were certain needs we had to attend to before Jack could go downstairs. For both of us to use the restroom and put on some sweatshirts took no more than three minutes but that boy could barely stomach the wait.

When we finally let him go, his movements were more like a really fast prance than a run. He was so happy, he was walking on air. Don’t you remember the magic of waking up to see all the presents and the stockings all full? Seeing that Santa ate the cookies you left out and drank the milk?

That’s the greatest part about having kids. Reliving childhood. Giving them magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Hudson was just happy Jack was happy. All he wanted to do was bounce on the trampoline and play with the light up wand Santa put in his stocking. Can’t blame him, if I met the weight limit requiremnets I would be bouncing right alongside him.

How was your holiday? What was the most magical memory you had this year? Mine is the way Jack woke us up and the way he “patiently” waited for Ryan and me at the top of the stairs. I will be sure to tuck that one away.

With love from Detroit,


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  • Carrie
    January 23, 2015

    How sweet! Christmas is kids is the best. Most of Danny’s nieces and nephews are older now so the magic is starting to wane but there are a couple little ones left who keep it fun on Christmas Eve

  • Carrie
    January 29, 2015

    Love the matching pjs!

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