My Bucket list at 22…

With love from DetroitCleaning my office has it’s perks.

  • Perk 1: I get to hang the art that’s been collecting dust, laying on the floor for months.
  • Perk 2: I can finally see the butcher block surface of my desk which only inspires me to sit there and work.

and the very best and most awesome perk of them all,

  • Perk 3: It’s like a mini walk down memory lane. I find fun little notes from way back when, like the bucket list I created circa 2006.

Now I bet you are wondering what 22 year old me wanted to accomplish. Okay, okay! No need to beg. Here it is written exactly as is.

  1. “Ride a mechanical bull
  2. Surf
  3. Own a speedboat and make waterskiing a hobby (this requires learning how to waterski)
  4. Zip line over rainforest trees
  5. Travel to Russia, China, Japan, India and more of Africa, Brazil and other S. American countries
  6. Visit all 50 states (road trip)
  7. Hike through Alaska
  8. Pet a baby hippo (they won’t eat me)
  9. Live abroad
  10. Go to the tomato fights in Spain (August/July)
  11. Ride in a bobsled
  12. Ride on a dogsled
  13. Go backstage at a concert
  14. Go to a ball/gala event
  15. Watch a movie in a park
  16. Host the World’s greatest MSU tailgate party
  17. Go to a taping of SNL, The Late Show, Oprah or Ellen
  18. Learn Spanish
  19. Go to the July 4th Coney Island hot dog eating competitions
  20. Have babies (27-33)
  21. Go on a girls only trip with all my friends
  22. Own a store with Staley
  23. Drive cross country with Ryan
  24. Take an RV trip with my family (See “visit all 50 states”)
  25. Take a trapeze class
  26. Take a day in each city I live in to be a tourist”

There it is. Written eight years ago and eight of my “goals” have been met.

Not sure what it says about me but I wouldn’t change much on this list. I think it either means I knew what I wanted at a young age or I have yet to grow up. There are a few things I would add.

  • Have a house in the country. Some place where my closest neighbor is a mile away, there is a huge front porch facing east where I can have my morning cup of coffee and we have a tire swing hanging from a giant, old tree
  • Learn to paint
  • Learn to code so as to better understand my site but more importantly so I can help my kids with their coding homework when they are in elementary school (it’s inevitable)
  • Run a half marathon (this one is kind of cheating since it can be crossed off in a little over a week)
  • Write something cool enough to get picked up by the Huffington Post
  • Be comfortable wearing a bikini (this does not mean I need to lose weight, just means I need accept and love my body)
  • Have more babies or just one more. (This one is still in negotiations)

I’m sure if I took my time and mulled it over I could add an endless number of to-dos. They would mostly have to do with travel and family as these are the things that make the happiest.

I showed you mine. Now you show me yours. What would you have on your bucket list?

With love from Detroit,


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  • Carrie
    October 10, 2014

    I share you desire to learn Spanish, code and visit Russia (St. Petersburg specifically). Oh and babies.
    My sister also wants to visit all 50 states so I bought her a scratch off poster for Christmas last year. A nice, fun gift.

    • Callie
      October 10, 2014

      Thanks Carrie! I will check that out.

      I saw you instagram for Detroit Barre and I plan on going soon. Want to join me?

      • Carrie
        October 10, 2014

        Sounds great. I was thinking of going for the 6pm class on Monday 27th. Or if weekends are better, Sat. Oct. 25th? Let me know 🙂

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