With love from Detroit

Listen, I have said it before and I will say it again “city life is not for everyone.” But I don’t hate on the suburbs so please don’t tell me everything that is wrong with the choices we have made as a family. Just recognize that we have a difference of opinion and that is ok. In fact, that is what makes the world a beautiful place.

I am not blind. I recognize that living in Detroit has its obstacles. But we love this city and are rewarded daily for the choice we have made. We would honestly be bored living in a small town. We lived in Ann Arbor before this. That was great but Ryan had two hours a day in the car. TWO HOURS that he could have been spending with Jack and me. Now his commute is 10 minutes each way. Doesn’t get much better.

You may ask “why the rant Callie?” Well, last month I joined a forum for Detroit moms. Funny thing is, there are not a lot of Detroit proper ladies on there. A mom from LA created a post titled “Moving to Detroit.” She was moving from California to Southeast Michigan and wanted some suggestions on where to live. I was the sixteenth person to respond and the first to suggest Detroit.

Recently this mother posted that they found a house in University District and were excited to make the move. That’s when the haters got to hatin’. “Downtown isn’t really safe and the schools are horrible!!!” “You’ll have to find [a] private school or move.”

I get it. Detroit isn’t for you. Doesn’t mean it is a bad choice. Just like Royal Oak isn’t for me but it does not mean it is a bad choice.

I guess the thing that bothers me in all of this is that she made a choice. She stated how happy she was about the choice she made and these people just had to put it down. Why? What good does it do them? Had she chose to move to Grosse Pointe I would not have sent her a negative message. WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ONE FAMILY IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT FOR ANOTHER!!!

Sorry to ramble on. I know this is not my usual post. Just couldn’t help myself.

With love from Detroit,


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12 Responses to Haters

  1. Kathi Parks says:

    Hi Callie! Love your blog! Not sure if you remember me. Ashley and my niece Erin are cousins. I met you at a few Staley functions. Just wanted to add to your statements. My son has worked in Detroit for the last 15 years. He loves the city and is committed to contributing to the birth of a new and fabulous Detroit. Last spring he bought one of the Mies Van der Roe townhomes in Lafayette Park. What an amazing neighborhood! So much to do in Detroit! When people visit, they are actually surprised. There are so many misconceptions about this city. Unfortunately, the national media has never painted an accurate and balanced picture of Detroit. Of course it has its problems. But I wholeheartedly agree with you, city living isn’t for everyone. But I can’t help but believe that if Detroit were to completely collapse, it would have a direct impact on the suburbs. A state is only as stable (and cultured) as its largest city. Hope you and your beautiful family are enjoying this beautiful Detroit morning!

    • Callie says:

      Hi Kathi, of course I remember you. In fact, Kerri and I were just talking about your son’s place when we were at Vivi’s baptism. I have heard such great things about those townhouses.

  2. chris says:

    So true. I get this all the time. I’ve been living in the city proper for almost 16 years now with two kids (9 and 6) and I get this often.

    I love it here, and I’m not moving anytime soon. What’s more, my kids love it here too.

    • Callie says:

      Hi Chris. We love it here too. According to Amanda, we need to meet and have a cup of coffee. Since your kids are older, I would love to pick your brain on a few things. Just let me know what works for you. Callie.

  3. Detroiter says:

    Why did u do this blog?

    • Callie says:

      Hi Detroiter. I started this blog out of the same frustrations that I share in this post. I wanted people to see that families are continuing to choose Detroit as their home. My usual posts aren’t so fired up. It is the day to day lives of my little family. Thank you for visiting the site and for commenting. Callie.

  4. LIta says:

    As you know, when you told me you were moving to the city of Detroit and raising your family there, I was not at all happy. Now, two plus years later, I have to say that I am surprisingly proud of both of you for making the move, starting your family there and getting involved with the Detroit community.
    Two weeks ago dad and I spent the morning in Detroit, exploring their flea markets, antique malls and ethnic markets. We had so much fun we’re planning on doing it again next week.

  5. Toka313 says:

    I love your blog. Keep on posting. Keep cross-posting to Reddit. This is the most intriguing Detroit story I’ve seen since Jay Thunderbolt.

    • Callie says:

      Wow. Thank you for the encouragement. I feel weird posting my own stuff to Reddit. Rumor has it they frown upon authors doing that. Then again, I am new to the site and still figuring it all out.

  6. Katie says:

    Haters gonna hate right? I love living in the city. I am a Detroit-proper lady living in Woodbridge with my three kids (4, 2 and 3 mo.) We have been here for over a decade and we are not planning on going anywhere else anytime soon. Love your blog

    • Callie says:

      Thanks Katie. I have been stalking your fb moms group page. Look forward to meeting soon and some future play dates.

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